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wrendj's Journal

I'm a recent transplant from California to Portland, Maine. Yep, Maine. For art school. Dumped the corporate job and am now a student. I have one (diabetic) creampuff of a cat, but no other attachments. Not looking, though, thanks :) My cat thinks I'm a rock star; most of the time I just strive to be a reasonable human being.

What I find supercool about Maine: the snow (pun not intended. I'm a heat-freak who loves the snow...who knew?); how walkable Portland is; the light here is amazing; for the most part people are freindly and honest, even the bums; a noisy night in the neighborhood consists of the sound of snow plows, rather than gunshots, sirens, and car chases (the neighborhood I moved from).

Less charming about Maine: dogpoo in the snow, especially when the snow starts to melt; house centipedes.

Bizarre but I'm getting used to: iced over sidewalks (you can *almost* pretend you're ice skating); walking down the middle of the road with the cars, instead of on the icy sidewalks; "Ah-yup"; how *quiet* it is here, compared to where I used to live.