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Cool Web Site by fellow MECA student [May. 29th, 2008|09:45 pm]
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Introduction [Apr. 17th, 2008|08:33 am]
In the interest of not forcing non-LiveJournal folks to sign on to yet another blog site, I've decided its high time to go public.
That said, quick intro:
Oh. My. Goodness.
I've been living in Portland, Maine since January '08, attending the Maine College of Art. I had intended some much more exciting location, but my cat had other plans. Shortly after returning from a trip to Australia and India, I learned that he had diabetes. Since it didn't seem right to dump him because his health needs are inconvenient, art school in America became my new focus.
Portland is awesome, in its own way.
Maine is gorgeous, and I can't wait to ge my car to explore more of it.
But right now, I need to get to class.
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Stream of Consciousness Continued [Jul. 15th, 2006|01:43 pm]
Hello again.
Have sweater. Still cold. Grumble.
I know, those of you living anywhere other than here are likely jealous and just don't understand. Imagine that the amount of discomfort you feel in the heat is what I feel, when the weather dips below 75 or 80F. I know, so move. Working on that plan.

So you've got art, work, and me bitching about the cold. Next, psychic stuff:
I've signed up to lead a workshop and give aura readings at an event called Elderflower WomenSpirit. It looks a little hokey when I'm in a bad mood looking at their site (curious? Check it out: www.elderflower.org), but it also looks like a very supportive space for total newbies, which is my current category. The event is in Mendocino, camping, around August 10th. Should be interesting.
[aside: I am at least glad that so many other women are not as sensitive to the cold around here as I am....heh....me=putting on reflective sunglasses...]
Graduation from the clairvoyant program was an absolute blast! Points to Jon for not only showing up, but hanging out with us wacky people, and apparently taking it in stride that I kept getting pulled away to talk to other people, have my picture taken, corral people to go to some other venue, etc. I felt a little twinge for abandonning him so much, but he seemed to be doing fine. Further points that he joined us at the White Ho (White Horse), the *only* gay scene in town on this side of the bay. Well, that's of course not entirely accurate, but its the most notable gay bar in the area without having to go to SF. And joined us dancing, and danced up a storm and it was hilarious to watch all sorts of men drooling over him!!! Hee hee. I was wired for sound afterwards, but didn't want to presume Jon's time, so drove him to his car and headed off home, where I was up til I forced myself to try to sleep sometime around 3am. Woke up like clockwork the next day at about 7am.
Play: just finished the poi class. Loved it! Love fire. Not only because its pretty, and warm, and symbolic of so many things....hard to describe; I'm drawn to it. I could have spun fire all night the last night of class, and when my arms got tired, just stood over my burning poi, keeping warm...I'm being a wimp right now, though, coming up with reasons not to join the local spin jams. Most of the reasons are pretty lame so I know I'm up to something not good. This week's reason is I don't want to go to this Sunday's spin jam because its the fire arts festival at the crucible (www.thecrucible.org), and any new faces will be regarded as wannabies. Don't want to be that gal. Volunteered for the festival, helping serve food to performers and other volunteers, last night. I enjoyed myself, but felt the pull to be more integrally involved. In some way, these are my people, yet I also feel like an outsider. There are so many ways my life doesn't match, and I'm gunshy that I'll be called names (ie, judgemental, square, narrow) the way I have been by other groups I've spent time with in the past [okay, yeah, break out the smallest violin...]. I get awfully tired of justifying my life to other people. {rant on} I am *not* a bad person for being able to hold down a steady job that pays well!!!! AGH! And I am *still* a gd artist, and I don't have to be suffering, starving, strung out, drugged-up, outwardly permanently freakish to be able to claim myself as another valid, creative, loony person on this planet! {attempting to turn rant off}
I'm volunteering there tonight, as well, checking performers in. I'm looking forward to seeing all the cool looks....ideas for makeup, clothes, hair... :)
Travel: next trip, Mendocino, for the earlier-mentioned festival. after that, India, with stops in Australia [visit schools, relatives, and a cousin that may well be dying of colon cancer] and possibly Barcelona. Somewhere in there, a trip to Austin? Hang out with a freind and his gal and possibly a bunch of women cross-dressers [will I get some? who knows. Still not looking but need to look into rechargable batteries....]. Next trip: Rome, sandwiched between England. England to show a friend around who'll be there for an autocross, Rome to explore and join my mom and her guypal for a few days. My poor boss. She's having kittens already. But her fear is getting -- gotten? -- old. Frankly it seems it'd be best if we uprooted from good ol' kp and either land in a more supportive department, or go rogue and offer to consult with the organization for our expertise. What I'm learning, as I spend more time in the office, is that I really don't like the routine of the office work. Oh, the stability is nice, and my father was certainly right: velvet handcuffs. But I'm working with her to keep the flex sched now that she knows I'm done with "school."
Okay. That's the big stuff. Stay groovy y'all.
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